Todd T.

My wife and I have purchased and sold three homes with Tova. Tova is so professional and excellent at what she does. She’s so thorough and good at what she does. We never considered anyone else to help us with our home selling or buying. Tova has become family to us and we so much appreciated the excellent job she did getting us the best price for our homes and working so closely with us throughout the process. What else can I say. Tova is the best!

Ralph J.

Hello. Do you have 10 Stars. She has earn that and more. What a great help she was. could have close within 3 weeks but have to wait on HOA. Still got done within 4 weeks. Every time paper or anything that need to sign/read or etc. She text me. If ever i need to sell or buy again and for anyone else call her first. You See

Byron C.

Tova is by far the most professional and knowledgeable agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She has represented me in several transactions since 2002 and has never let me down. She is always available and constantly monitors all aspects of the process. She will fight for you every step of the way! I would never consider using any other agent, and I am happy to say she is my very dear friend! Thank you for everything you do to make my life better! Sincerely, Byron

Arnold R.

Tova was great! She answered calls and texts right away - she stuck with us morning, noon and night in what was a really difficult purchase as she had to deal with the likes and dislikes of both mother and daughter. She was a tough negotiator and an overall good and kind person.

Ashley N.

Tova was an amazing agent. She was always available to show houses, even when working around my ever-changing work schedule. She communicated well and right away. We also loved her personalized service. I really felt like she got to know my family and our needs. She was a delight to work with. I would recommend her service to everyone.

Ally M.

Tova was great to work with. In this market its been crazy with all the people, questions and offers. Tova took care of everything, making our part of the transaction so easy. I had recommended Tova to one of my friends a few years ago, and I knew she would be well taken care of. My friend got a great deal, and Tova took all the stress out of buying for her.

Kenneth G.

I highly recommend Tova Oren. She has helped me sell a house in the past and helped me purchase a home recently. Her knowledge and experience is very helpful. She is accessible and returns texts and emails promptly. If you are looking for a trustworthy real estate agent that you can count on, Tova is the one.

Daniel C.

We asked to Tova to list our rental home in Lake Elsinore in August 2020. She came over took professional level photos and put it on the market. We got overwhelming responses in matter of days we reviewed all the applicants and narrowed down to top three applicants with her recommendations and at the end, we were able to select a very fine and lovely family with two kids and great credit and employment record. Her years of experience in real-estate profession truly delivered with lighting speed from getting a tenant in matter of days to going through all the electronic legal documents to be signed to expedite to close the deal is second to none. I highly recommend Tova if you need to list your property, or to sell and buy. She delivers the results above and beyond of your expectation. Thanks again Tova for your help! Daniel Choi

Victoria C.

Tova was wonderful to work with! She was always available to help answer our questions. She spent countless hours on weekends and evenings helping us navigate this big purchase. She made it clear that she would help us find the best home and wouldn't settle for anything less. Tova had all the answers to our questions. We could not have found the home that we did without her as our agent. Thanks to Tova, we now have a beautiful home and we couldn't be more grateful.


Tova is a five star professional! Knowledge in her field and tenacious with the task of finding 'home'. I highly recommend her!

Kurt S.

Tova was great to work with, she was very professional and took care of business, I had many agents to choose from and I'm glade I picked Tova , she was very honest from the beginning and I liked that, thanks Tova

Lisa A.

Tova was exceptional in customer service, knowledge, and very detail orientated. She was always very friendly and was able to assist me in all my questions. She made the paperwork simple and straight forward.

Todd T.

Tova is the best! I never considered anyone else to sell our home than Tova. This is the third home she has sold for us. She has become family.

Fred F.

Tova helped me sell a difficult-to-market property. She did a great job with negotiations and made the whole process run without any problems. We closed with a one week escrow!

Mindy D.

As a first-time home buyer, Tova was very patient in answering my questions and walking me through the process. Her responses were very timely, which allowed for a quick and smooth escrow process.

Lester B.

I have had a pleasure working with Tova when she handle the purchase of my new home. Tova is a real estate agent that goes the extra mile. She made the process easy, anticipated my needs and offered solutions to everything. Tova recommended a great loan officer, she worked with the other agent and the escrow company to make sure the transaction went smoothly. I would recommend Tova to anyone needing a real Estate agent.

Oscar R C.

Very professional and honest, her word is gold. She made promises and kept every single one of them


She's an amazing professional to work with, extremely supportive and honest. A real team Player !!! Wish more Agents work like she does !!!

Steve R.

Steve gave Tova 5 stars out of 5
Tova has helped my family and me for over 20 years. She is a wonderful to work with and always looks out for our best interest. Tova makes the transaction easy and stress free, she is professional , caring and always return her calls promptly. Thank you Tova for all your help and looking forward to many more years of real estate transactions. Thanks Tova

Glenda C.

I recommend Tova as she is an ERA Real Estate agent. She is our family Realtor in California. Tova sold our condo in Orange, sold my father's house in Bellflower and sold my brother and sister in-law home in Anaheim and then helped them buy another home in Anaheim and sold it before they moved out of state. Tova is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to ensure all of her clients are very satisfied and the home sell is as stress free as possible, Tova is a professional and I highly recommend her.

Carol D.

Tova has an amazing ability to make things happen with ease, confidence, and professionalism. Her incredible top notch business negotiating skills guide her transactions to go smoothly and timely. She works very hard on every transaction. I highly recommend her as a Realtor.

LAN Thii T.

Tova was really professional. She responded to her calls every time you need to reach her and responses quickly via text message as well. She was quick with processing our application for our rental and was able to help us get in the house our family needed. Thank you Tova, you are amazing! I highly recommend her.

Heidy G.

Tova is a true professional! I have been working with Tova on her Escrows for over 10 years. She is always there to assist her client with all the questions, and always looks for her client best interest. She really cares as if she would be in selling or buying her own property. Thank you Tova for always being there and for all the business.

Sonia A.

Tova is a true professional! She is always there to assist you in all the question you need answer. She cares about her clients as if she would be in selling or buying her own property. Thank you Tova for always being there.

Manual G.

Tova helped us buy a beautiful home in San Jacinto. She is very knowledgeable, very caring and very dedicated.

Arceli G.

It was great working with Tova, helped us buy a beautiful home in Corona, CA! She is very professional, caring and dedicated.

John R.

Tova's work ethic and passion for what she does is second to none. Her attention to detail and dedication were very impressive. Our whole family was impressed by her follow up and communication skills.

Elinor F.

Tova is a subject matter expert in the realty community. She's been my go to for advice and questions for years. She's always willing to help and goes out of her way for you.

Teresa C.

I recommended Tova as she is an ERA real estate agent in orange county and my parents, being elderly we're selling their home of 41 years and I was in Ventura county. Well I had nothing to worry about with Tova taking the reins. She interacted with my parents in such a way as to put all of their worries concerns or fears completely at ease! She held their hand when I couldn't physically be there, and kept me completely in the loop so that I could explain to them as well what was going on. A perfect professional and I would highly recommend her!

Oded O.

Working with Tova was one of the most Pleasant experiences we had in our growing family. Tova was there every step of the way. I love the little calendars she sends me every year.


I have had great experiences with Tova on several projects over many years and I would recommend Tova to anyone.

Freda S.

Most knowledgeable and experienced realtor, she is honest and a straight forward and gets the job done!

Harry L.

To a potential buyer, I very highly recommend Tova. She is very dedicated and concerned with your needs and desires. She works hard to find people you may need for extra jobs, like we needed someone to strap down our water heater and put it on a pedistol, of sorts. Tova got one of her helpers to give us a reasonable price, one she said no that's too high, and found another one who completed the job to code. She is truly great to work with. Sincerely Carol Ligier.


Tova is a Great Agent ! Nice and easy to work with Always available for her clients And looks out for them!

Alan C.

Tova Oren is an excellent realtor. I have worked with her for many years. Tova has an impeccable work ethic, and is very honest. Tova works with many repeat and referral clients because of these qualities. I highly recommend Tova for your real estate needs.

Kelly L.

Tova was very attentive to our every need. She was patient and knowledgeable, which made for a very positive experience. We have recommended Tova to family and friends over the years.

Diane A.

Tova Oren is knowledgeable, approachable and works tirelessly for her clients. She makes the home buying process easy which allows you to make a more informed decision. You will benefit from her extensive knowledge of the local market and from her outstanding negotiating skills. I highly recommend Tova!

Daniel R.

Tova assisted my wife and I to purchase our dream home in Yorba Linda. We are grateful to her professional support and advise in negotiate the house offer.

Liz B.

Tova is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to ensure all of her clients are very satisfied and that the home buying process is as stress free as possible. She is not your typical agent as she doesn't put any pressure on her clients and is very patient. She almost always answers her phone and gets right back to you if not. I will forever contact Tova for all my home purchase or home sales needs.

Sharone O.

Tova works hard to make sure that everything is done quickly and efficiently. She helped me buy my 2 homes and rent one of them. She's easy to deal with, full of laughter and wisdom, and will do whatever she can to make sure that we get a good deal. we absolutely LOVE working with Tova! We can't say enough good things about her.

James B.

Very honest and straight forward professional realtor. I have dealt with several realtors in the past. Tova is the best!!!

Dorit F.

I have used Tova to sell and buy a home and my daughter also used Tova to purchase a home. she worked very hard and make sure that closing was easy and smooth. I do recommend Tova to my family and friends.

Joyce M.

Tova Oren has been a pivotal person in my life. She introduced me to investing in real estate for profit. She mentored me on how the market was receptive for buying and selling properties. Tova was able to direct the successful transactions of 4 different properties for me. One property in particular was sold with the resulting profitability that allowed the purchase of five more properties. Her knowledge combined with her dedication to her clients results in a win-win for everyone involved. I learned to carry that win- win attitude throughout my everyday life and it has yielded productive results even beyond real estate. From her early mentoring I am currently involved with owning and operating approximately 60 mobile homes in two mobile home parks and the owner of two commercial storefronts in a downtown area being developed for a pinball arcade and Classic Rock and Roll Lounge. Whenever I think of Tova, a tingle of excitement flutters my investment spirit because she was the one that took me by the hand and led the way. I am very grateful that I have an association with Tova and I highly recommend that you engage her adventurous spirit to help you along your path as well. Good luck in your real estate endeavors with Tova Oren!

Daniel D.

Tova has helped me with my real estate activities for over 20 years. Besides being wonderful to work with, Tova always has my best-interest in mind. She makes buying and/or selling real estate easy and stress free. Her professionalism, along with her attention to detail makes "closing" fast and exciting. Thank you Tova for all you have done for me and my family. Dan

Tony T.

Tova is a really patient and passionate person. She does what she can to find and get all possible angles, she deserves ten stars, not five , but five stars all the way. She stays in contact and on point. My mom is a hard woman to please letting something go and Tova was there all the way and as a matter of fact, she's still there for us otherwise I wouldn't be writing a review. In other words, my mom lives about 2 or so hours away from Tova and she dedicated her time, balancing her life and ours from a distance and coming locally more often than not. She is not pushy and doesn't insist on telling you to take this or not to, she's definitely there for you as if she's sharing the same mind with you. God bless Tova and all those she helps as she's done for us.

Su M.

Tova is unquestioningly the most professional RE agent I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing. Not only is she knowledgeable, she demonstrates her expertise by being very forthcoming with ideas and suggestions whether or not she has secured a contract. Just as importantly, Tova is friendly and loyal and I am proud to consider her a friend as well as a professional contact.

Issa Maria M.

In 2004 we were first time home buyers and Tova helped us with our condo purchase. By 2014, We were ready to purchase a bigger one for our growing family. I highly recommend Tova for her services. We trust her completely to always close the deal.

Luann C.

I just wanted to send you a quick message in praise of Tova Oren She assisted me in securing a rental in a very competitive area. Tova always had a smile and was so quick to respond and get the job done. She deserves the highest praise. I will definitely be referring my family and friends to her. She is the greatest!"

Maria G.

I had bought and sold few properties and Tova is been my agent from the beginning. She works hard and very reliable I’m very happy with her service. She is also my agent on all my rentals. I won’t used anybody else but her.

Donna C.

We listed our vacation home with Tova last year and she walked us through what could have been a very stressful time. With her guidance, it was a very smooth, efficient process. Tova knows her stuff and is such a pleasure to work with! We love Tova and you will too!

Maggie K.

If I could give six stars I would! What I liked best about working with Tova is that she worked very hard on my behalf. Never did I feel like just another client. All her communications whether through email, text or phone were lightning fast which makes all the difference when buying or selling a property. She was also very patient with all of my requests. She knows her industry very well. I highly recommend Tova. And will without question use her again when that time arrives.

Caryn O.

Tova is the epitome of professional and she knows how to get the job done with a smile. She wants every piece of her successful business and referrals.

Elana G.

Tova provides wide range of real estate services. She is very knowledgeable and very updated on current market conditions. By working with her you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible. I worked with her multiple times and would highly recommend to anyone.

Cherry A.

Looking for a Real Estate agent who will go the extra mile? Tova is the agent for you. She's helped me find properties and made each experience as smooth and seamless as could be. Tova has consistently gone beyond and above the call of her duty. She's been nothing but helpful and is always available. Clearly very passionate about what she does. Very friendly, selfless, professional and trustworthy. She communicates really well via text, phone call, email and whatnot. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she cares and it shows. You could almost touch her passion and honesty with what she does. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others . To say that she's the best is an understatement. Not only that she'll help you get the property that you want, be your advocate, you'll also have a new-found-friend in her. You'll end up loving her that your friendship with her doesn't end even after signing the dotted lines... Thank you Tova for all that you do. You are heaven sent! Your tag line says: "PEOPLE DON'T CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE" That' is so true. I am a living testimony who witnessed your hard work and dedication to what you do, to what you know, and to how much you really care. PS: Too bad I could only give you five stars being the highest. You deserve a million stars and more.

Tina Z.

Tova is an awesome Realtor!! I highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Tom R.

Tova is a very well informed and highly knowledgeable agent. Always there to answer any questions that we may have and if by some chance she does not have the answer she will promptly get it and immediately call us back. Very professional and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you Tova.

Byron C.

Tova is the most professional, knowledgeable and caring Realtor I have ever encountered. I am closing my new purchase next week. This is the 2nd time Tova has helped me with a home purchase in the past 14 years, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property! She is hands on, always available to answer your questions, and manages the entire process from start to finish. I would never go to anyone else for my Real Estate needs. Tova helped me find and buy the home of my dreams, and always encouraged me not to give up, and when I felt discouraged, she was always there to lift my spirits. I sincerely consider Tova to be my Dear friend, and the best agent I know! Byron C

Sara L.

Tova Oren is an ideal realtor. Her professionalism shines with the knowledge of her field, with her dedication to her clients, and with her pleasant friendliness. The house that she sold for us, at full price, needed an unusual amount of work and care. Tova helped us find the talented and honest helpers we needed, and she remained involved throughout. We unequivocally recommend Tova Oren to all our friends.

Hailey A.

Tova makes things happen. She is incredibly reliable and two steps ahead of the game. We are so beyond grateful for her help in getting us into our first home.

Jenna F.

“Tova was a great agent and helped me navigate the steps being a first time homeowner. I knew I was in good hands during the process and would recommend Tova for any home buying or selling needs. She is also an all around lovely person to work with and communicates effectively.”